My long term vision


I am an entrepreneur and an investor, and I own and operate several successful and profitable businesses. I am in very good physical shape and training is a natural part of my everyday life.
I practice triathlon and annually conduct several Ironman-events in Sweden and worldwide. I live with my lovely wife and children in a large fine and well-kept house on the waterfront. We as a family encourage each other to develop and constantly improve. We travel frequently, both in Sweden and abroad.


I have a wonderful wife that I love and she feels seen and appreciated for exactly who she is. Our expectations on each other is explicit and clear. We appreciate each other and not only make it possible for each to develop and grow, but also encourage and spur each other to constantly work to get better. Our children know that we love them above everything else. They know that they can always feel safe with us and that they can turn to us at all times.


I work freely and dispose my time in the way that suits me best. I choose to give priority to such work as I enjoy. My customers appreciate and know I’m doing a good job and always deliver great value. I often travel to conferences because it is developing and at the same time very enjoyable and rewarding. I am often invited to give talks and presentations as a result of my books and my success as an entrepreneur. I have great economic freedom because my passive income far exceeds my fixed expenses.

Training and health:

I swim two times a week because it is a good all-round workout and gives a good physique. I practice running two times a week because it is an effective workout and burns a lot of fat. Additionally, it requires minimal equipment and can be done anytime and anywhere. I cycle at least one time a week, either out on the road, at work or on the trainer at home.
I have a typical lean body and never more than 9% body fat. My attitude to training is that there is always time to workout and when you feel that you have the least time for training is when you need it the most. It’s just a matter of priority. I eat healthy food.