My new Deskbike!

All I can say so far – love my new deskbike! Having a regular “office job” often equals many hours of sitting. This is not good at all. Studies have shown that it is not possible to compensate a sedentary lifestyle by hitting the gym of going for a run after work. Instead we need to incorporate as much moving as we can during the day. By going for a walk or a run during the lunch break is one way to break up the day and to incorporate some exercise during the day. But we should strive to take this even further and incorporate low-intensity “non-exercise” like using a standing desk or frequent breaks where we move our bodies. For a long time I have been looking for even better ways to automatically get this type of daily movement. So I looked for a bike that could be used while working at my regular desk. Finally I found the perfect solution!

Except from the health benefits, there are a number of great news by riding a deskbike.

  • Better blood circulation
  • Sharper mind
  • More focus
  • Faster reading
  • Better memory

If those benefits doesn’t convince you I could also mention that you of-course burn of some extra calories using the deskbike… My bike is set almost to the lowest resistance but I still burn about 250-300 kcal per hour. That my not sound much, but if you use the bike for 2.5 hours on average during a week that will amount to roughly 3500 kcal or about 0.5 kilo body fat!

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