The walking lunch break


New healthy habit!

My job involves a lot of time in front of a computer screen many hours every day. I have a desk that I can raise to alow me to vary my position between sitting and standing, still, usually a normal day I walk about 6500 steps in average. The recommendation is to walk at least 10000 steps or more, so obviously is should move more. I’ve been using an activity tracker for the last 1.5 year so I know very precise hos much I move. Even though I exercise rather much it doesn’t make up for all the sedentary time at the job or in the sofa in the evening.
So something had to be done.

What I came up with is “the walking lunch break”. More specifically this mean, taking a brisk walk during the lunch and bring some food that is easy to consume while walking. This will of course take some thought as it should be easy to pack, carry along the walk as well as easy to eat without messing too much. A second thing to consider is that I want the food to be low in carbohydrates, relatively high in fat and protein and contain enough energy (calories).

For the last three years I’ve been practising intermittent fastening from about 6 pm on sunday to around 6 pm on monday which means 24 hours without any food. I’ve really come to like this habit as it makes me feel light and I feel that I’m getting better at differentiate between real hunger and usual craving for something. Since I don’t eat during the lunch on Mondays I’ve been using this time to talk a walk instead, get some fresh air as well as to get some exercise. I’ve found that about 45 minutes (corresponding to about 4 km) is just enough to make me feel good.

This has been by first week with this new healthy habit, same lunch every day though 🙂 I will of course vary my lunches more, but if found this first test very practical. I’ve allowed the same amount time for my lunches as I’ve done during my normal monday walks, about 45 minutes.

My lunch:

  • 1 Avocado (100 g)
  • 1 Egg (hard-boiled) (70 g)
  • 50 g Walnuts/Almonds
  • 1 Apple (150 g)
  • 1 Square of dark chocolate (15 g)

This is about 750 kcal, a perfect amount of energy for a lunch for me. In the table below you can see how much of each macronutrient

Avocado 100 g, 197 kcal
Walnuts 50 g, 334 kcal
Egg 70 g, 75 kcal
Apple 150 g, 70 kcal
Dark Chocolate 15 g, 80 kcal

75% fat,10% protein, 15% protein

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