Using Markdown in WordPress

Markdown in WordPress

I’ve really come to love writing in Markdown. It easy, quick and the minimal time is spent on formatting the text as its done while you are writing. To write in Markdown here in WordPress, I’ve installed the plugin Jetpack from WordPress. It has a lot of other features which I won’t go through here.
The easiest way to see how Markdown is written is to go to the Markdown quick reference page and look at the examples. Or you, can just check out the simple examples below 1.


Bullet list:

  • First item
  • Second item

Numbered list

  1. Number one
  2. Number two


Snippet of code

It is possible to write small snippet inlined in the text like this if a < b; return true;.

Code blocks

Or you can write complete blocks of code like this:


def add(a, b):
  return a + b


#button {
  border: none;

  1. For some reason the syntax highlighting is not working right now… I will look into this. Please drop a comment if you have any ideas!
    I suspect that there could be a conflict between the Salient Theme I’m using and WordPress Jetpack that causes the code blocks to show erroneously. 

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